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            Specialty paper

            Business communication and anti-counterfeiting paper

            2019-12-12 13:28:20 953

            The demand for business paper has been growing. Xianhe's business communication and anti-counterfeiting paper includes thermal paper, carbon free copy paper, colour double offset paper, watermark anti-counterfeiting paper, etc., which are mainly used in logistics, tax, finance, commerce, catering, medical and other industries.

            Xianhe's thermal sensitive and carbon free series paper has good colour rendering effect and long preservation time, which is widely used in the production of consumer terminal bills and commercial form bills.

            In the process of making watermark anti-counterfeiting paper, a pulp layer with different density is formed in the designated area of the paper through the manufacturing process. When observing the light transmission, the designed image and text will appear. In the final application end, our products can help the end consumers easily identify the authenticity of the products when they use them and have the function of anti-counterfeiting.