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            Specialty paper

            Food and medical packaging paper

            2019-11-07 13:29:14 1374

            Food and medical safety are the most important issues related to the livelihood of the people. Similarly, the rapid development of food and medical packaging paper is also the focus of China's paper industry. Compared with other packaging forms such as plastic, metal and glass materials, paper packaging is beautiful, safe and sanitary, non-toxic and tasteless, low cost, easy to degrade and recyclable, so it has inherent advantages in food and medical packaging.

            The food and medical packaging paper produced by Xianhe includes ordinary packaging base paper, oil proof base paper, liquid packaging base paper, dialysis paper, wrinkle paper, etc. it is mainly used for the packaging of snacks, fast-moving consumer goods and medical consumables. It has the characteristics of waterproof, oil proof, high temperature resistance, good strength, and its safety and health indicators meet the requirements of national standards. Xianhe takes the most rigorous attitude to ensure the safety of consumers from the source.