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            Specialty paper

            Label release paper

            2019-12-19 13:30:04 1240

            With the rapid development of Internet industry, it has driven the synchronous development of logistics and express industry. The domestic label release paper industry has also maintained a high-speed growth. In the daily chemical consumer goods, food, medical, logistics and other industries, the demand for label release paper is increasing. The label release paper produced by Xianhe includes glassine paper, release paper, vacuum aluminized base paper, wet strength label paper, etc.

            Glassine paper has the characteristics of smooth surface, low silicon content and good transparency, which plays an important role in the use of various labels.

            Vacuum aluminized base paper and wet strength label paper have the characteristics of good printability and water resistance. They are used in the production of labels for fast moving consumer goods and have excellent performance in durability and printability.