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            Specialty paper

            Heat transfer base paper

            2019-11-14 13:31:07 1414

            With the improvement of the young generation's individualized demand for clothing, furniture, daily necessities and other products, various transfer printing technologies are also being developed, which promotes the rapid growth of the market transfer base paper consumption.

            The transfer base paper produced by Xianhe includes transfer printing base paper, heat transfer base paper, digital ink-jet printing heat sublimation transfer base paper, etc. it has the characteristics of high strength, strong printing adaptability, high ink transfer rate, and is widely used in the industrial printing transfer fields such as textiles, porcelain, building materials, etc. As a high-end domestic supplier of digital ink-jet heat transfer base paper, Xianhe has launched a fast drying digital ink-jet heat sublimation transfer base paper, greatly reducing the time required for the product from printing to transfer, and opening up a new domestic heat transfer market.