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            Specialty paper

            Paper for low quantitative publishing and printing

            2019-10-18 13:31:59 1034

            The prominent characteristics of low quantitative publishing and printing paper are thin, white, good opacity, high smoothness and folding resistance. The same thickness of binding, biblical paper can almost double the number of words than ordinary relief paper. The paper for low quantitative publishing and printing produced by Xianhe includes biblical paper, dictionary paper, etc., which is mainly used for the printing of biblical, dictionary and other reference books. Our products have the characteristics of good uniformity, consistent thickness, high opacity, small colour difference, folding resistance and good printing adaptability.

            Since the 1980s, Bible printing has gradually shifted from foreign countries to China, which not only increased the production of Bible paper, but also improved the technical quality standards of Bible paper. Currently, Xianhe provides about 30% of the Bible paper in the global market.

            At the same time, due to the improvement of quality, low quantitative publishing and printing paper has been widely used in other industries and fields with high quality requirements, such as pharmaceutical printing, aviation printing, etc.