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            Specialty paper

            Electrical and industrial paper

            2019-11-14 13:32:46 1075

            With the rise of new energy and emerging industries, more and more lightweight new materials are used in new industrial fields.

            Electrical and industrial paper, as a high-performance paper-based new material, has the characteristics of light weight and environmental protection. It has a huge development space and a good market prospect in the future high-end industrial field. Xianhe's electrical and industrial paper is widely used in the production of electrolytic capacitors, industrial product isolation, industrial filtration and many other industrial fields.

            It can be divided into electrolytic capacitor paper, stainless steel liner paper, CTP liner paper, glass spacer paper, industrial cotton paper, etc.

            Electrolytic capacitor paper is used between cathode and anode foil in capacitor, and immersed in electrolyte, which determines the performance of electrolytic capacitor.

            Electrolytic capacitor paper needs not only strict physical requirements and high chemical purity, but also excellent electrical performance.

            Stainless steel lining paper, CTP plate lining paper and glass spacer paper are mainly used between stainless steel plate, CTP plate and liquid crystal glass. During the storage and transportation, they play the role of isolation and protection to reduce the impact on quality caused by the friction between materials.